We’re committed to having superior quality standards. And the best mascot.

See what happens when we set a falcon loose in the lab.

We put quality in everything we make.

There is a reason we’re the most trusted name in labware. Actually, there are several. Falcon® products are:

  • Thoughtfully designed with attention to detail
  • Manufactured in facilities that are ISO 9000 certified and cGMP compliant
  • Proven in laboratories around the world for more than 50 years

And test to ensure nothing else gets in there.

  • Performance-tested for consistent culture conditions
  • Subjected to rigorous process and quality control procedures

We are committed to maintaining superior quality and continuous process improvement. And to maintaining your trust.


Provides accurate measures with every drop

Precise sample measurement is essential to your experiments. That’s why Falcon pipets are accurate to +/- 2% at full volume, sterile, noncytotoxic, nonpyrogenic, with less than 0.1 EU/mL. We know this is important to you because how could you trust your results if you don’t trust your labware?

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Protects sample integrity in the toughest conditions

Whether it’s centrifuging, vortexing, or freezing, Falcon tubes have the quality you need to get your job done. They can withstand up to 16,000 rcf and survive in temperatures as low as -80 degrees C. Since not every experiment will be the same, simplify your work with tubes that always are.

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Rigorously tested to succeed in your rigorous tests

Falcon flasks are designed, manufactured and tested to meet the highest standards in the industry – yours. Because your experiment deserves the assurance of flasks that are leak tested, surface treatment tested, and cell growth tested. After all, you can’t make breakthroughs with labware that breaks promises.

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